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Modders are already playing Skate based on early build leak

Drop-In to multiplayer.

Following leaked footage of an early build, modders have now made EA's unreleased Skate game playable.

Despite the developers of the remake requesting players don't download the leaked build, modders have adapted it for multiplayer and are hosting their own servers.

The build already has a multiplayer capability, which modders have enabled.

Still Working On It | skate.

That's according to Motherboard, who spoke with an admin of a Discord server sharing the build.

"I posted videos of the game and how to get it which started gaining hella traction!" said the mod, named Justice. "Shortly after this, we managed to discover how to run skate servers using simple process arguments."

The Discord server has multiple voice channels for players to link up, plus videos of how to play the leaked build that EA has removed from YouTube.

Motherboard spoke to another admin of a Discord server focused on releasing an online version of the leak called skate.online.

The admin, Crush, started the server with their friend Crunnie - together they have history in the Fortnite modding community and believed there was "an extremely good chance" they could make a multiplayer version of Skate.

"To my knowledge me and Crunnie were the first people to have a working multiplayer, although there was a server or two (I think) who had fully working servers (the ability to have more than two people in one game) before us," they said.

Crush also warned players in the Discord server to "keep in mind at the moment we have no way to moderate chat. Until then be aware there will most likely be people saying really terrible shit".

And it seems EA has taken note of the activity. "EA has actually been pretty calm with us. We had an EA mod join the server at one point and I talked to him personally but they didn't seem too bothered," said Crush.

Leaked footage of the game has included details on early maps and customisation options.

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