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Don't download the early, leaked version of Skate, developer says

"We understand you're excited to get into the game."

The developer of EA's upcoming Skate reboot has acknowledged the leaked early build of the game currently floating around the internet - and suggested you do not download it for yourself.

In a blog post mentioning the leak, developer Full Circle revealed that it comprised a version of the game dating back to September 2021 that was "never intended for external use" - rather than a leaked playtest or demo.

"While we understand you're excited to get into the game, we encourage you to be careful when downloading files from unknown sources (and remind you of the potential consequences of breaking EA's Terms of Service)," Full Circle wrote.

An official Skate developer diary, released this month.Watch on YouTube

"The best way to get the chance to play is by signing up for Skate insider playtesting here as we continue to invite more and more players into the game throughout the year."

Interest in the Skate reboot is high, and details of the game's development have leaked repeatedly over the past month. These have included details on early maps and character customisation, images from the game, and footage of the work-in-progress build mentioned above.

Videos posted to YouTube have been swiftly deleted by EA, however.

There's currently no word on when the new Skate game will launch.