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Minecraft bans changing so online players can be ousted from private servers


A pre-release of the new version of Minecraft - or to give it its proper name, Minecraft 1.19.1 - is now available, and it alters how bans work within the game.

In this new version, players banned from an online server will now also see the ban applied to all servers they have access to. This will include both personal and private ones.

A look at Minecraft's The Wild Update.

Players who wish to see another player banned due to misconduct will have to send a ban request to Mojang. This will need to include a valid reason for the request.

From there, the powers that be at Minecraft will either dismiss or approve the ban, and the accused will then be limited to the game's single-player mode.

Those who do get banned will receive a notification detailing why they were banned from the servers (thanks, Tech Raptor).

Meanwhile, there is a new Minecraft game currently in development. This one is going to be a real-time strategy title.

There is also a Minecraft film in the works, with Aquaman's Jason Momoa currently attached to the project.

And, for even more on the blocky world of Steve and co, check out Tom's interview with Mojang and Minecraft's game director Agnes Larsson.

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