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Lost Ark's March update out now, adds limited-time racing event and first PvP season

Plus new story and end-game content.

After a bit of a tease earlier this month, Lost Ark's big March update is now here, introducing the previously confirmed new end-game raids and story quests, alongside a couple of additional treats, including a limited-time Arkesia racing event and its first PvP season.

The Arkesia Grand Prix, as the racing event is formally known, will be available for the next month until April's update, and pits two teams of seven players against each other in a race where everyone is transformed into a cute axolotl/triceratops things and must try to prevent the other team from reaching their goal. Cakes are involved.

Players will need to be level 50 to participate and can enter the event by speaking to the Arkesia Grand Prix Manager NPC in every major city aside from Prideholme.

Let's Play Lost Ark.

March's update also lays the groundwork for Season 1 of Lost Ark's Competitive Proving Grounds, with the inaugural season set to begin later this month. Once the event is underway, participants can queue solo for Team Deathmatch (as long as they've played Proving Grounds and reached Tier 1) and slowly build their Competitive Match Average Score through play. This increases their rank which, in turn, determines the rewards received when the season ends.

And as for the stuff revealed previously, Lost Ark's March update brings a new story episode - focused on the Sidereals and a search for the first Guardian slayer, Kadan - featuring new quests, new islands, and new cinematic moments. There's also a new end-game activity known as Abyss Raids, pitting eight players against a Guardian, starting with Argos, and requiring them to bring it down with a limited number of revives and before the time expires.

Full details on Lost Ark's March update - which also brings new skins to the in-game store, including the Omen collection, plus a range of fixes - can be found in the latest release notes.

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