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Looks like Gremlins' Gizmo is joining MultiVersus next week

UPDATE: Developer confirms Stripe will follow.

UPDATE 2/9/22: Gremlins duo Gizmo and Stripe will arrive in MultiVersus as separate playable characters, developer Player1stGames has now confirmed.

"Gizmo and Stripe will be separate iconic fighters joining the roster," the studio confirmed via Twitter. "Gizmo's up first! Feel free to choose between cute and cuddly or scaley and chaotic. Decisions, decisions... what's your choice?"

Look for Gizmo to pop up next week, per publisher Warner Bros' previous tease.

ORIGINAL STORY 1/9/22: Warner Bros. is teasing the imminent arrival of Gremlins' adorable mogwai Gizmo in its free-to-play crossover fighter MultiVersus, with the company's announcement pointing to a release next Tuesday, 6th September.

Although Warner Bros. is yet to officially namecheck Gizmo, a teaser trailer released today on Twitter shows a pair of very Gizmo-like hands and eyes popping out of the distinctive box used to transport the character in Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

What makes the Gizmo tease particularly interesting is that (despite his inclusion in the playable roster having been leaked earlier this year) the only Gremlins character so far officially confirmed for MultiVersus is Gizmo's arch-nemesis Stripe.

It would perhaps be a little odd, then, if Gizmo were to make his MultiVersus debut ahead of Stripe, so could both characters be set to arrive simultaneously next week? That off-screen cackle in the teaser trailer would certainly suggest Gizmo isn't alone...

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All will be revealed, of course, next Tuesday, 6th September - after which Warner Bros. will likely begin teasing MultiVersus' next known character, DC Comics' Black Adam, who was confirmed to coming as part of Season 1 last month, at the same time Stripe was revealed.

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