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Life finds a way in fan-made Jurassic Park Dreams project

Clever girl!

Media Molecule's Dreams has long been a canvas for some truly awe-inspiring creations, but now this Jurassic Park-loving girl has perhaps discovered the best one yet (why yes, I am biased when it comes to dinosaurs).

An upcoming fan-project known as Jurassic Park Operations from Krenautican sees action from the 1993 film reimaged in PlayStation's game creation system. And, I won't lie, it looks so good I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't watching something from Spielberg himself.

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While this project has evidently been in the works for a while, the team recently revealed its full trailer for the game.

This trailer sees voices from the original film overlaid with moments from Krenautican's fan-made game. These moments include the escaped tyrannosaurus rex bearing down on the park's vehicles to what I assume is a park ranger akin to Robert Muldoon getting ready to shoot at those rogue velociraptors.

Operations looks to be part first-person shooter, part exploration romp, with the film's world meticulously recreated in stunning detail. But enough of me waffling on. Here is that trailer for you all to enjoy yourselves.

Jurassic Park Operations - Reveal Trailer.

Over on their Discord server, Krenautican stated there was currently no release date for Jurassic Park Operations, as the team didn't want to "announce anything and then let people down" if the release had to be delayed.

They did say, however, that they want the game's full demo to be out by early 2023 "at the latest", so keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile, just because I feel the internet can never have enough Jeff Goldblum, here is Malcolm assuring us that, no matter what, life finds a way.

How do you know they are all female?

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