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Dreams celebrating Halloween with spooky adventure in Land of Lost Dreams

Starting next week on PS4 and PS5.

Developer Media Molecule's impressively flexible PlayStation creation tool Dreams is celebrating Halloween this year with the return of its annual All Hallows' event, this time beckoning players to take a spooky trip to the Land of Lost Dreams.

This latest journey to the realms of spookidom is the third Halloween event for Dreams, following previous outings that saw Media Molecule collaborating with its community to create explorable haunted houses and then, last year, a creepy old fairground.

Things are getting a little more fantastical this time around, however, with a quest to the far-flung Land of Lost Dreams, where players can embark on a quest full of odd characters and puzzles as they attempt to uncover a "rich and unnerving history".

Cover image for YouTube videoAll Hallows’: The Land of Lost Dreams - Official Trailer | OUT NOW! 🌀🔥
All Hallows’: The Land of Lost Dreams - Official Trailer.

As part of the adventure, players will be able to investigate the Forest of Gloom, where they'll encounter "all manner of interactive oddities" created by the Dreams community - with the brief this year being "half-finished ideas and forgotten concepts". The Land of Lost Dreams also houses Cursed Trinket Shrines, containing strange artefacts hand-crafted by creators.

Dreams players eager to explore these latest seasonal haunts can do so when the Land of Dreams opens its doors next Thursday, 20th October, on PS4 and PS5.