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New dungeon adventure from Media Molecule added to Dreams

Plus revamped UI and templates for beginners.

An update to Dreams adds a new adventure, as well as a revamped creation UI.

Ancient Dangers: A Bat's Tale is a third person dungeon crawler from Media Molecule playable in single player or co-op with a friend.

"Whether you're after frantic combat against strange and silly foes, puzzles to tickle your brain cells, or a showdown against a dragon with huge teeth (and an even bigger ego), Ancient Dangers: A Bat's Tale has you covered," reads a PlayStation Blog on the update.

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The story follows a pair of orcs seeking a special herb to cure their grandmother's snoring, and includes a "wise-cracking bat pal" and a dragon learning "the noble art of floristry". Sounds like it'll be full of Media Molecule's trademark humour.

The adventure is available now, with five new imps available to celebrate its release.

In addition, a new template system and reworked UI have been added to Dreamshaping, the game's creation mode. The aim is to help new players who may find creation overwhelming.

Templates and elements are available for the likes of 2D platformers, dungeon crawlers, side-scrolling shoot-'em-ups, mini golf and more. The difficulty of each template is also stated.

Further tweaks to the UI ensure it's easier to find what you're looking for, plus new sections promote quality elements to use in your creations, high-level and award-winning Dreams creators to follow, and community events.

Your Dreamshaping page will also be curated based on your time spent in-game, be that beginners tips or recommendations for advanced players.

Get the full update on the PlayStation Blog.

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