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Frontier is an open-world driving game made in Dreams by just two people

Engine skills.

Dreams tinkerers continue to build incredible games using Media Molecule's PlayStation create 'em-up - and Frontier is no exception.

Frontier, released today for anyone who has Dreams, is an open-world driving game featuring exploration, time trial events and collectables to pick up all set within one level. The trailer is below:

Cover image for YouTube videoFrontier - Trailer (Dreams PS4/PS5)

This impressive Dreams creation was built by a developer called sanderobros in collaboration with a visual designer called SDorin, who handled car design, customisation parts and decals, and extra car physics.

There's more to come from Frontier, too - according to sanderobros, PSVR support could be around the corner.

Hey, Codemasters! Perhaps these two are worth an interview...