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Let Me Solo Her plays modded Elden Ring run where every enemy is Malenia


Let Me Solo Her versus Malenias
Image credit: Let Me Solo Her

Let Me Solo Her has become Let Me Solo Them in a quite frankly terrifying challenge run of Elden Ring.

The streamer became legendary in the game's community for assisting players struggling with its most difficult optional boss: Malenia.

Not content with defeating the boss a thousand times and receiving an honorary sword for the effort, Let Me Solo Her is now playing a modded run where every enemy is Malenia.

Elden Ring Lore: Malenia & Scarlet Rot ExplainedWatch on YouTube

Every boss? Malenia. Every standard soldier? Malenia. Every animal out in the wild? Malenia.

The streamer began the run on 17th March and right from the off things were tricky, with the Grafted Scion becoming Grafted Malenia. This was the first defeat.

Then, emerging from the first catacomb, Let Me Solo Her looks out over Limgrave to see multiple Malenias waiting.

The streamer's main strategy is to ignore most of the Malenias in the field, although they have increased aggro that means they'll relentlessly pursue the player until resting at a Site of Grace, like some sort of red-headed band of Terminators. Running through Stormveil Castle required immense bravery and skill.

Even more terrifying was Raya Lucaria: the courtyard area with all the crabs? All Malenia.

Boss encounters may seem easy enough to such an expert, but Malenia isn't meant to be fought in certain environments. Margit's bridge area, for instance, is full of spikes and weapons in the ground it's all too easy to get stuck on.

Then there are the two stage bosses. Both stages of Malenia's boss fight constitute one phase of a normal boss. So battling Rennala now means both phases of Malenia in the library, and then both phases again in the moonlight. No thank you very much.

What's more, the streamer is making it more difficult by not levelling vigour. And all of this without the signature Jar Helm - at least, not yet.

You can follow Let Me Solo Her's run over on YouTube.

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