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Horizon Forbidden West Signal Tower and Signal Lens locations: Where to find all the Signal Towers in the Daunt explained

How to find all six Signal Lens.

Throughout the Daunt in Horizon: Forbidden Tower are Signal Towers - old Carja Watchtowers - that overlook the entire region. Now, these old relics contain something more lucrative: Signal Lens.

Before you can start collecting these Signal Lens, you need to start the Signals of the Sun - one of the game's many Errand Quests. After doing so, there are six Signal Towers you need to find.

This guide will show you where these Signal Towers are located in the Daunt, which Signal Lenses are located at which tower, and what the reward is for collecting all six Signal Lenses.

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Signal Lens locations:

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How Signal Towers in Horizon Forbidden West work

There are six Signal Towers located throughout the Daunt in Horizon: Forbidden West. To reach each Tower, you will need to climb up the mountain cliffs and around the towers to get to the top. Once you reach the top, you can loot the Signal Lens.

These Signal Lenses can be turned in to Raynah, an Oseram you meet during the Errand 'Signals of the Sun.' After your initial meeting, you can find her in Barren Light by the tents near the entrance.

Signal Towers will only appear as a Signal Tower icon once you've discovered it. It will just be a white question mark on the map until then.

Signals of the Sun Errand Quest: Who to give the Signal Lenses to in Horizon Forbidden West

As you traverse the Daunt to collect these lenses in Horizon: Forbidden West, there is one Errand that you will need to pick up in order to turn in the Signal Lenses.

Signals of the Sun, a Level 5 Errand, is given by a Barren Light guard named Maleev. You will find him dragging a dead body out along a path to the northwest of Barren Light. While you're talking to him, you'll hear a scream from up in the mountains.

When you reach the source of the scream, you will see a woman named Raynah trying to fight off machines. After you come to her aid, speak to her and she will tell you about the old Carja Watchtowers and the Signal Lenses. She will ask you to collect the lenses from the various Signal Towers located throughout the Daunt and she will reward you for the lenses.

This Errand will not become available until you have completed the Main Quest, 'Into the Brink.' You also do not need to collect all six lenses to finish the actual Signals of the Sun Errand, but you won't receive the full reward until you do.

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Signal Lens of Morning location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Signal Tower for the Lens of Morning is located northeast of Chainscrape in Horizon: Forbidden West.

The path to this tower will be near the lift that you take to get down into the Daunt. Follow the path north from the first Campfire you see. Climb up the wood platform and up the cliff. When you get to the base of the Tower keep climbing around it, using the yellow handholds as your guide.

When you get to the top of the Tower, take the Lens of Morning.

Signal Lens of Midday location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Signal Tower for the Lens of Midday is located to the east of Chainscrape in the mountains.

You will need to climb the cliff to get to it. There is an area to the left of the tower at the base of the mountain that is a good starting point for the climb up. Once you get to where the tower is, start working your way around the tower. Use the yellow handholds to get you to the top.

At the top of the tower, you can loot the Lens of Midday.

Signal Lens of Evening location in Horizon Forbidden West

Located north of Barren Light, the Signal Tower for the Lens of Evening is the Tower in the 'Signals of the Sun' Errand in Horizon: Forbidden West.

After you speak to Raynah, go to the Tower. To get into the Tower, you will need to use your Pullcaster on the blue metal clamp. Pull the wall open and go inside. From there you can start your climb up the Tower. When you get to the top, you will find the Lens of Evening.

This is the only lens you need to complete the 'Signals of the Sun' Errand.

Signal Lens of Dawn location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Signal Tower for the Lens of Dawn is located in the northeast end of the Daunt, in the mountains across from the Crimson Narrows Quarry, which you will see if you complete the 'Deep Trouble' Side Quest in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Starting from a wooden platform, make your way up the cliff, then keep going up the tower. At the top of the tower, you can collect the Lens of Dawn.

Signal Lens of Afternoon location in Horizon Forbidden West

To reach the Signal Tower containing the Lens of Afternoon, you will need to have completed the Main Quest 'Into the Brink' and received the Side Quest 'The Twilight Path' from Petra in Chainscrape. By receiving this side quest, you will have access to this Signal Tower which is located south of Chainscrape. This also means that you will need to actively complete the side quest in Horizon: Forbidden West.

During 'The Twilight Path,' you will encounter a Twilight Carja refugee camp. Their leader Savohar has gone up the mountain to meditate in the presence of a downed Stormbird. You will need to find Savohar and in turn, and once you do you will be able to climb the Signal Tower. At the top of the Tower, search the rubble for the Lens of Afternoon.

Signal Lens of Twilight location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Signal Tower for the Lens of Twilight is located in the mountain far east of Barren Light in Horizon: Forbidden West. There is a path that leads all the way to the tower. Once you get there, start climbing up around the tower. At the top, you can loot the Lens of Twilight.

How to collect the Signal Lenses reward in Horizon Forbidden West

Now that you have collected all the Lens in Horizon: Forbidden West, return to Raynah in Barren Light. She will be in among the tents near the entrance. Talk to her and give her the lenses. She will thank you for your help in collecting them and give you a reward.

You will receive 90 Metal Shards, Dune Shadow dye, and a random reward combination of Greenshine and Bronze ingots.

Good luck finding all of the Signal Lens!

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