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Here’s a closer look at MultiVersus’ Gremlin fighter Gizmo

Wet Wet Wet.

Following a small delay, Gremlins hero Gizmo will soon be making his debut in Warner Bros.' Smash-like brawler, MultiVersus.

In anticipation of his arrival, the team has shared more about Gizmo's moveset and confirmed that he will be a support character, much like the likes of Scooby-Doo's Velma.

MultiVersus vs Super Smash Bros Ultimate - The Digital Foundry Tech Review.

The small card shared on the MultiVersus Twitter feed states that Gizmo will have a move called "Gizmo-A-Go-Go". This will see Gizmo attaching himself onto the back of his allies. He will also be able to "sing and spawn musical note projectiles" that will damage nearby enemies thanks to a move called Song of the Mogwai.

As for physical weapons, Gizmo will have a bow and arrow, and when fully charged the arrows will ignite.

Eurogamer just awarded MultiVersus with a Recommended badge. In his review, Henry called the game a "very pleasant surprise".

"I wasn't entirely convinced by MultiVersus when it leaked. We've seen countless platform fighters challenge Super Smash Bros across the decades, usually falling flat," he wrote.

However, Henry went on to say he'll "gladly admit those initial impressions were wrong. Even as a free-to-play game, that carries the usual monetisation pitfalls, MultiVersus sets itself apart where it matters."

You can check out our guide on MultiVersus' full roster here.

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