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GT Sport on PS4 Pro will be the first Gran Turismo to accurately show Ferrari red

Scarlet fever.

The PlayStation 4 Pro version of Gran Turismo Sport will be the the first in the series to accurately reflect the red of a Ferrari, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has said in a presentation highlighting what Sony's new console will bring to the forthcoming game.

Rosso corsa.

Yamauchi went over details of what the PS4 Pro version of Gran Turismo Sport will bring, with 4K (with a 1800p checkerboard resolution), HDR and wide colour support. The new version will support current HDR TV devices as well as future models, and is capable of reaching a brightness of up to 10,000 nits.

In more straight-up terms, this will be the first Gran Turismo that will be able to accurately mimic the distinctive red found on Ferraris. If you've ever been to an F1 race you might have noticed the slightly strange orange glow to the older Ferraris, a trick used so that when shown on standard TVs they look more like the red traditionally associated with the marque.

Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 Pro employs BT2020 colour space, which allows it to reflect a wider range of colours. "Ferrari's red was a colour that was outside the colour space up until now," said Yamauchi. "With Gran Turismo Sport on Pro, the red of the Ferrari is accurately represented. All the McLaren cars, the colour is outside of the colour space that's been represented in the past."

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