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How to solve Alfheim Barrens southern cave Legendary Chest puzzle in God of War Ragnarök

Exact solution to this tricky puzzle.

With the addition of the Twilight Stone mechanic to God of War Ragnarök, the red node puzzles are even harder to solve, especially the one to get the Legendary Chest in the southern cave of The Barrens in Alfheim.

It’s very easy to get stuck while trying to solve this puzzle, so we’ve got an exact solution for this Alfheim Legendary Chest puzzle in Alfheim below.

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Alfheim The Barrens southern cave Legendary Chest location in God of War Ragnarök

If you're looking for the last Legendary Chest in The Barrens of Alfheim, it might be in the cave located in the southern section of the area.

You'll know it's the right cave if you can see red nodes from the Dark Elf hive matter glowing inside.

To gain access to the cave and its Legendary Chest puzzle within, enter through a narrow crack in the wall on the right-hand side if looking at the red nodes. Look out for the small tree growing from the nearby rocks above the crack to find where it is exactly.

How to solve Alfheim The Barrens southern cave Legendary Chest puzzle in God of War Ragnarök

This puzzle in the southern cave of The Barrens in God of War Ragnarök is so difficult because it requires pinpoint precision to solve. You need to be so accurate, that you may have already discarded the correct solution because it doesn't appear to be working.

Your goal to solve this Legendary Chest puzzle in Alfheim is to throw your axe at the purple Twilight Stone to break two of the red nodes, then quickly recall your axe to break the third and final red node, getting rid of the hive matter for good and clearing a path to the Legendary Chest.

You have to throw the axe at the correct area of the Twilight Stone, however, and stand in the exact right spot beside the third red node for the recall to break it.

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To speed things along for you, here's exactly how to solve the southern cave Legendary Chest puzzle in The Barrens in Alfheim:

  1. Stand back and to the left of the third red node.
  2. Throw the axe at the upper left-hand corner of the purple Twilight Stone.
  3. Turn to look at the third node and recall the axe as soon as it slices through the second red node.

It might take a few tries to get the exact positioning right, but if you follow the pictures below, you should unlock this Barrens Legendary Chest in a few attempts. Just make sure you're altering where Kratos is standing before throwing the axe if the recall doesn't seem to be working for you at all.

Stand and throw in these exact positions to solve this Barrens Legendary Chest puzzle.

The Legendary Chest in this southern cave contains the 'Rond of Affliction' Shield Attachment, which consumes the status of afflicted enemies when a shield bash is used, causing an elemental explosion.

Good luck exploring the rest of The Barrens!


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