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God of War Ragnarök how to solve Alfheim Temple of Light white marble Legendary Chest puzzle

Exact solution if you're Tyrd of this puzzle.

This is a tricky one to work out, even with Atreus and Tyr offering hints on how to solve this Temple of Light Legendary Chest puzzle while travelling through Alfheim in God of War Ragnarök.

It’s very easy to get stuck while trying to solve this puzzle involving the white marble and purple Twilight Stone, so we’ve got an exact solution for this Legendary Chest puzzle in the Temple of Light below.

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Alfheim Temple of Light white marble Legendary Chest location in God of War Ragnarök

The white marble Legendary Chest puzzle is located in the room after the battle with the light Elves, when Tyr said he would handle it, but Kratos and Atreus ended up fighting them anyway.

You'll find this Legendary Chest right after this fight with the Light Elves.

Instead of finding a way through the large bright door ahead, turn left and jump down to where the golden wheel is. Ignore the wheel and instead head through the door beside it to start the Legendary Chest puzzle.

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How to solve Alfheim Temple of Light white marble Legendary Chest puzzle in God of War Ragnarök

This Legendary Chest in the Temple of Light is hard to get because even if you follow Tyr’s suggestion and embed your axe on the white marble surface, it’s not clear what to do next, as the correct solution requires precision.

Your goal is to throw your axe at the purple Twilight Stone so it sticks to the white marble behind the lift’s chain, then recall your axe at the right position so it breaks this chain and drops the lift, and the Legendary Chest with it.

To speed things along, here’s exactly how to solve the white marble Legendary Chest puzzle inside The Temple of Light in Alfheim:

  1. Raise the purple Twilight Stone with the chain so it’s facing to the right, towards the chest.
  2. Aim your axe at the middle of the Twilight Stone while holding the chain until the line turns blue.
  3. Throw your axe to embed it on the white marble, then let go of the chain so the Twilight Stone falls and the lift rises.
  4. Recall your axe to break the silver circle above the lift.

You can now jump down the platform in front of you and open the Legendary Chest to get the 'Hilt of Gram' Relic, which grants a burst of Rage and applies Stun to nearby enemies when used.

Good luck exploring the rest of the Temple of Light!

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