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God of War PC patch introduces a new sharpness slider for DLSS

It still can't be turned off, though.

God of War's latest PC patch is here, and as well as a handful of bug fixes, it's also bringing a DLSS sharpening slider, too.

In a modest update over the weekend, the PC team at Sony Santa Monica deployed Patch v1.0.4 for the critically acclaimed game, which also includes a fix for unresponsive Atreus so that his state is reset if you restart from your checkpoint. It also addressed an issue where "control functionality would be lost if opening inventory during realm travel sequence".

Other improvements include a fix for "rare instances of graphics driver crashes", an issue with incorrect VRAM detection on Intel XE platform, and the remedy of a crash that sometimes occurred during client shutdown.

Interestingly, you still can't turn off DLSS sharpening off entirely, though, even if it's set to zero. That should be addressed in a future update, apparently.

To apply the patch, simply restart Steam to receive the update. If you suffer from any more crashes, expect additional logging to help the team identify "root causes of intermittent crashes".

Don't forget that as well as the official updates, there are plenty of unofficial mods to have fun with, too.

Find out why Digital Foundry thinks ​​God of War on PC is "a simply sensational port".

DLSS support is also on its way for PC players of Microsoft Flight Simulator later this year, too.

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