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DLSS support is coming for Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC - but it'll be "later this year"

Expect "several surprise add-on releases", too.

DLSS support for DirectX 12 mode is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC "later this year".

Confirmation came via a recent developer Q&A. While members of the Asobo Studio development team stopped short of confirming when, precisely, DLSS will arrive for PC players, they did update us on what's coming to the excellent flight sim game in the first half of 2022.

Cover image for YouTube videoWe Recreate 10 Famous Film Flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Con Air, Top Gun + More!

The livestream also confirmed there's going to be "several surprise add-on releases" later this year, as well as a new propeller simulation, including prop wash, for Cessna and King Air aircraft with Sim Update 8, which is expected to release on 1st March.

Before then, though, we'll get World Update 7, which updates Australia's satellite imagery and bring a "new digital elevation model" next week, on 31st January. World Update 8, which is coming in late March, will bring Iberia, including Portugal and Spain. We can also look forward to a free Top Gun: Maverick expansion pack in May 2022, too (thanks, PCGN).

We awarded Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Edition a "Eurogamer Essential" award, writing: "This is Microsoft Flight Simulator on console in all its glory and occasional clunkiness, and with that sense of splendour and wonder unsullied by the small imperfections along the way. It remains one of the most breathtaking videogame achievements in recent years, and on console one of the most incredible next-gen experiences to date."