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Modders are having fun with God of War on PC

Big boy.

God of War has been out on PC for a week and already modders are having plenty of fun.

This is rapidly becoming the norm as PlayStation exclusive titles head to PC, what with bizarre mods added to Final Fantasy 7 Remake and a VR mode added to Horizon Zero Dawn.

"We didn't add modding support. It's not something we developed time to create tools," said senior manager of technical production Matt DeWald in an interview with Game Informer. "Everything we have is custom, so it's really hard to build some of that stuff. But I'm sure some very smart people out there are going to do some very cool things, and we'll see what comes of it."

The Nexus Mods page for God of War is full of mods offering new game plus files and new shaders. There's also one that removes Kratos' eyebrows and beard if you like your dad more moustache-esque. But across the internet modders are being even more creative.

Perhaps best of all is a mod that gives Kratos big googly eyes and a gaping mouth, which somewhat undermines the high drama of the game.

Or perhaps you'd prefer Kratos with a massive head? Or imagine if Kratos had the head of a giant eyeball staring deep in your soul?

And if you thought Kratos already had big arms, wait until you see this.

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