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Genshin Impact's 1.6 update brings summery fun next month

"Our youngest knight is ready to embark on her journey - let's go!"

Genshin Impact's next sunshine-packed update, 1.6, will drop on 9th June.

Entitled Midsummer Island Adventure, this latest patch will include premium summer-themed alternate outfits for Jean and Barbara - the latter of which can also be obtained through in-game activities - as well as a number of new events and mini-games.

Take a peek for yourself in the trailer below:

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We'll also meet new playable character, Kaedehara Kazuha, who's said to play "the front and centre role in the upcoming Archon Quest", as Inazuma - Kazuha's homeland - is "closed to the outside world making it nearly impossible to get in".

"In the sweltering summer, a strange letter is discovered on the windowsill, with a spiraling fog shrouding a mystery far away," the video description teases. "Following the sound of the crashing waves to find the truth, sparks dance on the horizon as the fleeing sun shines brightly across the sky.

"For her best friend and for the great adventure ahead, our youngest knight is ready to embark on her journey - let's go!"

For more, check out the hour-long special program that delves deep into the upcoming update.

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