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Stardew Valley's town built in 3D using Sims 4

Spoiler alert: cute as heck.

Have you ever wondered what Stardew Valley's Pelican Town, and its residents, would look like in 3D? Well wonder no longer because thanks to artist DrGluon and Sims YouTuber Loverrlee we now know - cute as a button.

Growing up with and growing out of The Sims

A personal journey with EA's blockbuster series.

For 17 years I have been in a relationship with one of the best-selling PC franchises of all time. As all relationships can be, ours has been turbulent, to say the least.

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack coming November

You have (not-so) patiently waited, Sims fans, and now you are being rewarded. The Sims 4 is getting a cats and dogs expansion pack.

EA and Maxis have announced the newest The Sims 4 expansion will let players "experience the cuddly companionship and delightful surprises cats and dogs will bring into their Sims' daily lives". In other words, give up your Sims' career aspirations and focus solely on their animal friend.

The new create a pet tool allows players to create and design their pets from an extensive variety of breeds as well as customise your fur baby's coat. Players will also be able to add special outfits and accessories to their moggy or pooch and tailor their personality traits.

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Back in January, EA finally granted The Sims fans wishes and introduced toddlers to The Sims 4. Now the publisher has announced the newest expansion to the franchise is The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff Pack, which will give players more control over their little tykes.

Cara Ellison on: The Sims 4

The toilet-fixing days.

Somewhere down the line in my life I sat in a rented room in Kuala Lumpur watching a Sim approximation of the rapper Drake grumble and fix a broken toilet.

EA will patch swimming pools, ghosts, Star Wars costumes into The Sims 4

The Sims 4 publisher EA has announced a schedule of free content updates for its newly-released life simulation.

Most notably, swimming pools will make a return to the series sometime in November.

Sims fans previously complained at the fact that pools were missing from the game's vanilla release, fearing that EA had removed the feature simply to sell it later as a paid-for premium addition.

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The Sims 4 review

The Sims 4 review

Same as it ever was?

If there's one thing that Maxis' life simulation The Sims 4 captures better than anything else, it's that sense that life flies by all too quickly. Caught up in the details of the mundane, the prosaic, you can have your head down for far too much of it until, all of a sudden, it's your birthday and you're an Adult, or even an Elder. You've gained weight. Your hair is thin. The toilet is broken. While you will never find yourself in another part of the world or behind the wheel of a large automobile, you may at least ask yourself, how did I get here?

You travelled down a long straight road. Life in The Sims 4 can be routine and repetitive, a slow if comfortable accumulation of capital and possessions that act as a sort of consumerist compensation for the labour your Sim devotes to the unseen gods of employment, all resulting in a slightly bigger house, a slightly shinier kitchen, a slightly higher income. There's a lot that is prosaic along the way, although its Sims are also smarter than ever, more articulate and even a little bit moodier. Change has come, but not too much.

The series has always been a capitalist fairytale, a world where hard graft always wins out, where there is no privilege or prejudice or patriarchy and where everything can be earned in the end. While the fourth Sims game is still a fair one, it can also be tough. Bills are high, progress is slow and life can be short. Just a day or two into their final age bracket, apparently healthy Sims can croak with no warning. It takes time to build skills. It takes time to be able to afford that new oven. Hell, it takes time to finish breakfast. In Kevin Smith's film Dogma, the angel Loki suggests that all life is is a series of moments, moments to be seized. Seizing them in The Sims 4 isn't always easy. Everyday activities can get in the way.

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Earlier this year Seinfeld superfan Greg Miller recreated the apartment in Seinfeld in Unity for the Oculus Rift. Little did he know that this was the beginning of what I'm sure will be a trend as The Sims 4 user Ian Roach is painstakingly recreating the central locations of several classic sitcoms - including Seinfeld's apartment, obviously.

Numerous The Sims 4 players have been reporting a game-breaking glitch where censored naked characters remain behind a haze of blurry pixels even after they put their clothes back on. This cloudy mess then expands until the whole screen looks like a drug-infused fever dream. Only this isn't a glitch! It's a deliberate trap meant to foil those who pirate the game.

The Sims 4 officially announced

The Sims 4 officially announced

Due next year on PC and Mac.

The Sims 4 has officially been announced by EA.

It's slated for release in 2014 on PC and Mac.

Series developer Maxis will be handling the latest numbered Sims game, the first since 2009's The Sims 3. The series has sold over 150 million copies worldwide

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