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The Sims 4 meanness glitch ruining Sims lives now won't be fixed until December


EA has delayed its promised fix for excessive autonomous meanness in The Sims 4, meaning players are now going to have to put up with their Sims spontaneously picking fights and ruining each others lives until early December.

All this started back in October when, following a patch update, The Sims 4 players began reporting their Sims were autonomously insulting friends, relatives, and passersby at an alarming frequency, causing havoc to their carefully curated stories.

Eventually, with insults continuing to fly and households lying in ruin, EA moved to acknowledge the issue, promising a fix would arrive as soon as its investigation was complete.

The Sims 4's base game went free-to-play in October.

Finally, last Wednesday, it seemed the nightmare would soon be over, when EA announced it would be "incorporating a tuning fix to cool down the extra negativity taking place between Sims" in an update due to release the following day.

Unfortunately, that fix has now been delayed, and players will be stuck cleaning up the messes of their overly aggressive, excessively mean Sims for a little while longer, with the promised update now due to arrive "early December".

"We sincerely apologise for the delay", EA's post concluded, to which a nearby Sim insulted their mother and punched them in the face.

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