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The Sims 4 getting messy and retro with two new Kit packs next week

Launching on all platforms.

EA's recently gone-free-to-play The Sims 4 is getting two new decor-themed bits of DLC, with the Pastel Pop Kit and Everyday Clutter Kit both due to arrive next Thursday, 10th November.

The Pastel Pop Kit ushers in a selection of home furnishings and decorative additions - including mirrors, shelves, and desk items - with a focus on the "simple and psychedelic". That means "quirky pastel prints, irregular shapes, and vintage vibes" inspired by 60s and 70s design.

Next week's second DLC, the Everyday Clutter Kit, does pretty much exactly what it says in the title, introducing items that can be used to give homes a "loved and lived-in" look - ranging from coffee mugs to magazine stacks.

A glimpse at The Sims 4's Everyday Clutter Kit.

There's no trailer for either Kit pack just yet, but the accompanying announcement images give at least of taste of what each DLC will include. Expect them to cost £4.99/$4.99 USD when they release for PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox next month.

The Sims 4's most recent expansion pack, High School Years, launched in July.

Beyond The Sims 4's new Kit packs, EA recently teased a new baby themed expansion due to release sometime in 2023. It also confirmed work is underway on the next Sims title - currently known as Project Rene - which will remain in development for a least a few more years.

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