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It looks like The Sims 4 is finally getting a much-requested horse expansion

Mane event this Thursday.

If you have no particularly strong feelings about horses in The Sims 4, join the club. However, plenty of fans have been positively clamouring for their heavily rumoured arrival - and it looks like EA has finally relented, teasing they'll be coming very soon.

The Sims 4 developer Maxis has been on something of a fan-pleasing crusade of late; last year marked the long-awaited return of werewolves, for instance, alongside more robust options for Sims teens, while 2023 has bought babies back in a big way.

Now, though, it looks like it's finally time for much-requested horses to shine; EA has announced its latest The Sims 4 development roadmap, promising two "bold kits" for release between June and September, as well as a "rootin' tootin' expansion".

The Sims 4's most recent major expansion, Growing Together, arrived in March.Watch on YouTube

And if the latter phrasing wasn't suggestive enough of horses for you, EA's newly shared tease also features the line "take the reins", superimposed over an evocative, craggy vista, indicating some sort of Western-inspired getaway expansion might be on the way.

That's supported by recent leaks suggesting the new expansion is called Horse Ranch, and includes a new world, horse rearing, new events, plus mini sheep and mini goats.

A full reveal for The Sims 4's next batch of DLC releases is due to air on YouTube this Thursday, 22nd July, just before 6pm BST.

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