Final Fantasy 15 (formerly FF Versus 13)


Square Enix is trying to get full-fat Final Fantasy 15 on Nintendo Switch

Initial results 'weren't satisfactory', but there are several options on the table.

Final Fantasy 15 is getting a multiplayer mode

4 player online co-op coming as part of its Season Pass.

CGI Final Fantasy 15 film Kingsglaive gets a release date and new trailer

The one with Aaron Paul, Sean Bean and Lena Headey.

Final Fantasy 15 release date narrowed down to 2016

Director Tabata apologies for underwhelming Gamescom showing.

Feature | Japan's slumbering giants awake at Tokyo Game Show

Metal Gear and Final Fantasy prove there's still plenty to get excited about from gaming's spiritual home.

Final Fantasy 15 demo coming in March - report

Leaked article suggests first playable look at Square Enix's epic RPG coming early next year.

Final Fantasy 15 demo confirmed, Nomura leaves director's chair

Playable demo dubbed Episode Duscae launching alongside Type 0 HD, new in-game trailer revealed.

Sony website mentions Resident Evil Revelations 2 for Vita

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Uncharted 4, and maybe Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 confirmed for Xbox One in addition to PS4

Data from the PS3 version of FF14 can be carried to the PS4.

Feature | E3 2012: The Vapourware List

The absent games we're beginning to wonder about.

Nomura suggests Kingdom Hearts 3 will launch on home console

Asks for patience on Final Fantasy Versus 13 news.

New Final Fantasy Versus 13 details

Nomura talks up AWOL spin-off.

New Square Enix engine next-gen ready

Luminous Studio targets DirectX 11.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 "early 2012" for EU

Type-0 still without a western release date.

Video | Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer

Fabula Nova Crystallis title teased.

SE: FF Versus XIII still a PS3 exclusive

Nomura "stood his ground on the platform".

FF Versus XIII may not make next year

"We can't commit ourselves to 2011."

Square talks FF Versus XIII "difficulties"

Versus XIII and Agito XIII a long way off.

New Kingdom Hearts will be at E3

One of two new entries in series - Nomura.

Wada cools FF Versus XIII 360 talk

"It seems the internet is getting excited."

Wada hints at FF Versus XIII on 360

Square Enix "looking into it".

FF Versus XIII might not make E3

Changes made to world map to blame.

FF Versus XIII dev time will be shorter

Square Enix team experienced now.

Final Fantasy XIII for Japan in 2009

Western 360 version not started yet.

Feature | Final Fantasy comes to 360

Questions and answers from the Square Enix press conference. Mostly the former.

FF Versus XIII reports "are false"

Square Enix denies it's on hold.

FFXIII Versus "on hold", says Nomura

Spin-off not currently top priority.

Final Fantasy XIII on show this summer

At Japanese Square Enix event.

Final Fantasy XIII demo this year

More info expected at GDC in Feb.

FFXIII not before April 2008

Square Enix boss says so.

FFXIII world for 10 years

Base of multiple products.

FFXIII demo this year

Square Enix aiming for E3.

FFXIII video to show at TGS

Squenix also promises some new game announcements.

Kojima, Nomura back PS3

For long-term success.

FF to look like Advent Children?

That's the aim with XIII.

Two new FF games for PS3

Plus two titles for Wii, too.

Halo 3 and FFXIII at E3?

Release date claims, too.

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.