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Final Fantasy 15 for PSVR is now first-person fishing experience Monster of the Deep

Catch it this September.

Final Fantasy 15's PlayStation VR experience has been re-revealed as the fishing-focused Monster of the Deep.

First gameplay shows casting and reeling fish in first-person, as well as the debut of a new echolocation device - likely to help you find your next catch in lieu of an on-screen map.

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As well as visiting ponds, rivers and oceans, there is a tease of spending some quality time round a campfire. Ignis will be so pleased.

It all looks a little different to Final Fantasy 15's first VR debut, which focused on first-person encounters with Behemoth and Cindy. Here's a refresher:

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Monster of the Deep launches this September, which Square Enix described as a PlayStation VR exclusive - which makes sense with no word of Xbox One X VR support on the way.

Final Fantasy 15 has seen regular updates since its release late last year. The most recent addition added a survey that hinted at future updates, including new story content, playable characters and a hard mode.