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Final Fantasy 15 survey hints at possible future updates

New story content, playable characters, and a hard mode suggested.

A new survey for Final Fantasy 15 lets players vote on what they'd like to see added to the game.

Accessible as part of a new update, players are able to choose one potential feature, with the highest voted items to be put into consideration by the development team.

Warning - there are some details that could be considered spoilers if you've yet to finish the game.

The survey can be found within the 'Special' area of the main menu.

The one-screen list ranges from new playable characters (allies Cor, Iris, Lunafreya, Gentiana as well as Aranea are mentioned) and several gameplay additions, including a hard mode, improved Armiger abilities and stat-changing magic, which we imagine would be similar to spells such as Regen and Haste from prior Final Fantasy games.

There are also several ideas for additional story content, exploring the activities and backstories of key characters (including Ardyn) which were not addressed in the main adventure, as well as a closer look at several end-game events.

It wouldn't be the first time Square Enix has attempted to flesh out the game's story post-release - the contentious Chapter 13 was expanded with a free update that saw events revisited from the perspectives of other characters.

Whatever you choose, you have until the end of June to complete the survey.

Whether any of the above features would be free or paid-for items is unknown, but so far the game has seen regular several free updates since release - including photo-sharing tools, a New Game Plus mode and more accessories for your party to equip, as well as the first of several season pass add-ons which focus on other party members.

Final Fantasy 15 has also been experimenting with limited time activities - something more akin to an MMO than a single-player adventure - including the mini-game filled Moogle Chocobo Carnival at the start of the year, and on-going Timed Quests with high level challenges for end-game players.

As well as the survey, Version 1.10 also adds new dish 'Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu', fixes various bugs including an issue with the game crashing on the Timed Quest leaderboards screen, and reveals the latest winners of the game's on-going snapshot contest.