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Final Fantasy 15 Type-D off-road car - How to get the monster truck upgrade in update 1.12

See what the dramatic makeover is capable of.

The Final Fantasy 15 Type-D off-road car is one of many free post-release updates introduced to the huge open-world role-playing game following its release in late 2016.

Coming as part of update 1.12 alongside the release of Episode Prompto, it fixes a common complaint from launch - why can't you take the Regalia off-road?

The way you get the monster truck upgrade is very simple, and the restrictions on where you can go are surprisingly few in number - so consider it a viable alternative to your trusty Chocobo.

How to get the Type-D off-road car in Final Fantasy 15

Getting the monster truck update is pretty straightforward. First, make sure the game is uploaded to the latest version 1.12; this is the one that features files for Episode Prompto and is over 8GB-10GB in size, so it should be fairly obvious.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Final Fantasy 15 - WHAT IS GOING ON (Xbox One Gameplay)
Let's Play Final Fantasy 15 - WHAT IS GOING ON (Xbox One Gameplay)

Next, load up a save file, and head to Cindy at Hammerhead, and speak to her, who will be excited to tell you about a new off-road upgrade.

We used a post-completion save, but it you're still early on, you can apparently get it as early as Chapter 3 - useful for the many, many side-quests that open up around then.

Next, select it from the customisation menu - it has it's own option - then select, and the upgrade is yours. Easy as that!

We also assume that revisiting Cindy will allow you to change it back to its original (or flying) form if you have a change of heart.

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How to drive the Type-D off-road car in Final Fantasy 15

The Type-D works much the same as the Regalia, allowing manual and automatic driving options, but you'll want to opt for the former to go off-road.

Cover image for YouTube videoFinal Fantasy 15 Type D off road car gameplay
  • As usual, use the right trigger to accelerate, and once you're away from an outpost or other NPC-filled zone (where the car will go on track) you can freely steer off-road by moving the stick to steer like any other driving game. (After dozens of hours being stuck on rails, it feels kinda weird, right?)
  • The Type-D is able to jump by pressing the Circle / B button when the bottom left indicator is lit green, allowing you to leap over barriers, boulders and other obstacles that might get in the way with you and the wild.
  • You can see the jump indicator at the bottom left.
  • Your party has a number of bespoke excited animations (including selfies!) for whenever you jump.
  • You can run over enemies - and even kill them - though you won't be rewarded with XP for the trouble.
  • Though you cannot ride the Type-D in deep bodies of water or off the edges of the map, you can scale the rock arches that litter the landscape, then leap off and live to fight another day.
  • As the game mentions, the vehicle is too heavy to push, and so must be towed if you run out of fuel while exploring the landscape.
  • Update 1.12 also adds new music from Episode Prompto which you can listen to on the radio.