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Final Fantasy 15's next DLC Episode Prompto gets a release date

Comes with a free off-road driving update.

Final Fantasy 15's next major piece of DLC, Episode Prompto, has been given a release date of Tuesday, June 27th by Square Enix.

It marks the second of four major DLC drops - Episode Gladiolus was released in March, with Ignis and multiplayer-centric episodes to come - which are available individually and as part of the season pass.

Episode Prompto will feature music from guest composer Naoshi Mizuta, known for his work on Final Fantasy 11 and 13-2, with a new trailer providing a tease of what's to come.

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The episode will launch alongside a free update that introduces "greater freedom" to take the Regalia - the party's car and primary mode of transport - off-road "through various environments".

This E3 also saw several other announcements for Final Fantasy 15, including the re-reveal of its PlayStation VR-exclusive game and an upcoming Xbox One X patch.

Also revealed as part of the 'Final Fantasy 15 Universe' was King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon for mobile, offering a new story and multiplayer support when it releases this year.

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Final Fantasy 15 has seen regular updates since its release last November. The most recent patch added a survey that hinted at future updates, including new story content, playable characters and a hard mode.