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Final Fantasy 15's invincible armour now looks less like Power Rangers

Tickled pink.

Final Fantasy 15 players can finally clad themselves in the game's long-awaited invincibility armour - after a redesign to make it look less like the Power Rangers.

Here are Square Enix's initial designs, which were criticised by fans upon their reveal back in February for looking too much like the '90s cartoon heroes (or, specifically, their recent film reboot selves):

And here's what the armour looks like now, (thanks Gamekana). Power Rangers... disassemble. Now they look more like Mass Effect 2's Collectors?

It wasn't just fans who saw the similarity between the invincibility suits and Power Rangers. Square Enix said it had been contacted by Power Rangers' actual publisher (presumably Saban Entertainment) about the design, and so would "redo" the armour to avoid any potential legal complications.

Wearing the armour will give you 30 minutes of invincibility and an improved skill at fishing, because why not. The downside? You can only equip the suits once per day.