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Fortnite's restaurant beef erupts into all-out war with Food Fight limited time mode

Stealing their thundurr.

After months of brewing tensions between Durr Burger and Pizza Pit in the world of Fortnite, it seems the two restaurants have finally taken things outside. And in some style, as players are able to join in the battle with a new limited time mode.

The Food Fight LTM requires players to protect their restaurant's mascot (a Durr Burger or Tomatohead) from enemy attack, while simultaneously seeking to destroy the enemy camp's counterpart idol. To make the teams clear, everyone is given either a Durr Burger or Tomatohead hat - although I'm afraid you can't pick which side you're on. Wearing the Tomatohead colours feels dirty.

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I jumped into a game and found myself in the midst of absolute chaos. For the first few minutes of the game, players are able to collect items and build up the "under construction" restaurant base around their mascot. There are a bunch of special supply drops to help with this, which contain extra materials to help with the building efforts, although you also gain 100 per cent more materials while gathering.

Once the wall drops, the battle begins in earnest, and it's pretty intense due to the close proximity of the two bases (although the team sizes are small at around 12 each). There aren't any explosives in this mode and the mascot heads come with 200,000 health, making it a long slog to destroy the enemy restaurant. I immediately discovered the newly-added turrets mean enemies can infiltrate the base and cause significant damage if they get their hands on one.

See if you can mustard up the courage to take down the enemy restaurant.

In the run-up to this event, hints of escalating tensions had been dropped through Fortnite's impressive environmental storytelling. After Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit was closed, Durr Burger shut due to a mysterious roach infestation - bugs which players later discovered had been planted by the Pizza Pit food truck. A Durr Burger truck suddenly appeared next to Pizza Pit, and players correctly predicted something big would happen. Thanks to the Food Fight LTM, the truce between Fortnite subreddits ShrineOfDurr and CultofTomatohead is officially over. People take this very seriously.

Little details like this have been dotted around the map for months, telling an evolving story of kitchen rivalries and sabotage. Thank you Misterslime12 for this screenshot.

Along with the addition of turrets (and the tragic removal of glider redeploy from default modes), the latest update appears to have introduced portals between the buildings underneath Wailing Woods. This should make things dangerous if you happen to be hiding out in one of the cabins. With several more weeks to go before the end of the season, we're sure to see further changes to Fortnite's map - and lore - in coming patches.

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