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Fortnite's next addition is mounted turrets

Don't get cocky.

Fortnite's next big addition is mounted turrets - and the announcement is ruffling a few feathers among fans.

Mounted turrets look as if they'll work just like Port-a-Forts - as an item you carry around then throw to the ground, springing it to life.

The turrets aren't automatic-firing - you'll need to climb in and take aim yourself - and there's an overheat mechanic to ensure your time in the gunner's chair is somewhat limited.

Still, fans are split on the item's introduction. Some are wondering if the item will be over-powered - although the above limitations suggest its balance has been considered. Others are wondering how useful the item will actually be - as strapping yourself in will make you a sitting duck for snipers.

It feels like it may fall into the category of some recent additions - such as vehicles - which appeal to players seeking something new to experiment with, but which the game's hardcore (AKA, those who can actually build competently) can already outplay.

Some fans have also pointed to an earlier reddit joke about an impending "Shoot-A-Dood" item, which now appears to have come true:

We're likely to see mounted turrets added this week - I want to see four of these bad boys mounted on a Port-a-Fortress. Maybe we'll get more of a tease on that Disney-looking frozen castle, too?