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Fortnite fans think they've found a secret castle hiding in a rift

Catch my rift.

Fortnite fans have stumbled upon a secret castle hidden inside the rift portal beneath Wailing Woods.

Well... maybe. There's still some disagreement in the subreddit, but u/super_star_BETA - who took the screenshot below in the bunker located below the Wailing Woods - reckons it's a castle, complete with a door and turrets. Here, take a look yourself:

Image credit: u/super_star_BETA

It's not enough to convince everyone, though. Others like u/jmzofficial have taken their own screenshots and maintain it's merely "an illusion based on the surroundings"... although some are still adamant that even the shadows in that screencap could still be turrets.

Image credit: u/jmzofficial

Whatever it is, it's seemingly not just a reflection. u/Besart17 has posted a video snippet and while it's only nine seconds long, it illustrates that the shape moves with the player. And given the "castle" can only be seen with this particular rift, not others, it's probably not just the result of the way rifts and their reflections have been programmed in the game.

Some players think it looks like the Villian Lair, possibly with a little festive snow to get us in the mood for the holidays.

A Season 7 teaser, or just a trick of the light? Guess we'll find out eventually, eh?

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