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Fortnite's next crossover is Alien and Ripley

And fans think Family Guy could be next.

Xenomorph and Ripley from the Alien franchise are coming to Fortnite.

The characters are the latest in a string of retro tie-ins to be added this season, such as Predator (free for Battle Pass holders), Terminator, Sarah Connor and outfits from Tron. Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li also joined last week.

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An in-game portal teasing the arrival of Alien's heroine and antagonist has been found on the Fortnite island, while the latest audio log, below, has plenty of hints.

So, who's next? Well, fans think a bizarre leaked image may hold a clue.

The below image was found within Fortnite's files when Street Fighter's characters popped up last week. Ryu has an arcade cabinet accessory with an animated screen, and these images look to be from a similar accessory with a screen showing... clips from Family Guy.

Clips include Peter Griffin running, hitting things, taking damage and crashing a helicopter. If shown on a reactive accessory - such as a TV - it's easy to imagine how these could be shown to fit gameplay.

Fans have pointed out that these clips have been carefully edited to remove the originals' blood splatters (Fortnite does not include any blood or gore), making it all the more likely these images will pop up in-game.

A Peter Griffin Fortnite skin seems unlikely... but this is Fortnite. Why not?

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