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Kill Predator in Fortnite and you get his invisibility tech

See you later.

Fortnite's previously-teased Predator crossover is now fully operational, with the masked hunter available to unlock for current battle pass holders via new challenges.

Predator has also become a roaming boss, able to be found and battled on the battle royale map for all players. Look for him in the appropriately jungle-themed Stealthy Stronghold.

Defeat Predator and it'll drop Predator's Cloaking Device, which lets you become nearly invisible for a short time. If this sounds a bit overpowered, well, this is a supposed to be a reward for killing a tough boss who everyone else is after too.

The item also has some effects to balance it - equipping a weapon or entering water will cause you to decloak, and it has a 30 second cooldown between uses, so it can only be deployed sparingly.

Still, it'll be interesting to see how this one is received. Here's a leaked look at the near-invisibility effect in action:

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Battle pass owners will be able to unlock Predator and a full set of themed gear. You'll also be able to get Predator to take off his mask whenever you want.

It really is one ugly... well, you know the line.

Predator in-built emote from r/FortNiteBR

All of this goes live today in Fortnite's 15.21 update, which teases another crossover character arriving via a portal next week. Top fan speculation for that character is either Terminator or Lara Croft, continuing this season's hunter theme.

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