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Fortnite's latest collaboration is with Tron

Fight for the user.

Tron has joined the world of Fortnite, with new themed outfits and a glider version of the franchise's iconic neon bike.

The range was first teased yesterday via an on-island portal featuring the world of Tron tucked behind its interdimensional fronds, and then in an a fresh audio log from Agent Jonesy - as he gets sucked into Tron's world via a dusty old computer.

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The addition of Tron items and costumes continues a recent run of cosmetic crossovers from the '80s. Fortnite's current battle pass includes an unlockable Predator skin, while Terminator, Sarah Connor and GI Joe have separately joined the battle royale mode.

It's also another Disney property to join Fortnite, following numerous characters from the worlds of Marvel and Star Wars - and a brief guest appearance by Wreck-it Ralph.

Disney is said to be still working on ideas for a third Tron movie, so is likely keen to keep the franchise at the forefront of people's minds. Also, it's all about characters getting warped into a video game. Considering Fortnite's funky lore, it actually fits pretty well.

Each Tron outfit features a default Fortnite character able to whack objects/other players with an Identity Disc as a pickaxe. Here's how they look:

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