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Wreck-It Ralph just appeared in Fortnite

Pixar it didn't happen.

Disney hero Wreck-It Ralph just made a brief cameo in Fortnite.

Streamer MozzzyyTwitch was running around Fortnite's outdoor cinema area Risky Reels when Wreck-It Ralph himself happened to pop up on screen. Fellow Fortnite player FBarb has subsequently claimed to be the first to spot Ralph in action.

MozzzyyTwitch has posted video evidence:

Wreck-It Ralph sequel Ralph Breaks the internet launched in the US last night - just when his cameo in the game appeared. The film's UK release is next week.

The original film included countless nods to video game culture, as well as brief appearances from video game characters such as Bowser, Dr. Eggman and M. Bison. These plus many more are due to appear in the sequel.

US moviegoers who saw Ralph Breaks the Internet last night report several nods to Fortnite are in the film - although, sadly, it doesn't sound like there's a moment where Ralph peers through a screen to see MozzzyyTwitch playing Fortnite on the other side.

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