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Fortnite's new season adds Fallout Nuka-Cola, as files point to upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean crossover

Pop in.

Nuka-Cola artwork in Fortnite.
Image credit: Epic Games

Infused with Mad Max-y vibes, Fortnite's new season is here - bringing with it the game's Fallout crossover.

We knew to expect the Fallout T-60 Power Armour, and now know the iconic suit is its own skin in the game, not a power-up. Joining it are a range of other punky wasteland warriors, Magneto from the X-Men, and a character named Peabody that's a pod of... peas.

Speaking of power-ups, Fallout's Nuka-Cola is available for you to chug as a health power-up, while the new Nitro power-up will buff both you (your speed, knockback, stamina rate, reload speed and fall damage immunity) and your vehicle (speed, ramming power, fuel consumption, attack mods).

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 - Wrecked trailer.Watch on YouTube

Vehicles look to be playing a key part this season, with returning car mods and a suite of new add-ons that allow you to attach miniguns and grenade launchers to trucks, and upgrade to unpoppable bulletproof tyres. There's also an armoured battle bus to find and drive.

Peeking behind the scenes, datamines show a raft of things to come later this season which haven't yet been announced, such as returning pirate-themed items such as the Treasure Map and Pirate Cannon, set to return as part of a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, plus a character skin for Lethal Company.

Fortnite's servers remain offline for the time being while the new season is readied. Here's hoping things get going quicker than last season's delayed launch.

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