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Fortnite's latest limited-time mode wants you to dance your way to victory

Everybody's takin' the chance.

Fortnite wouldn't be Fortnite unless it was doing something at least a little unpredictable at any given moment. And while the roving adventures of Kevin the Cube might seem to suggest that Epic had reached peak peculiar this week, word of Fortnite's newest limited-time mode says otherwise.

According to Fortnite's latest in-game tease, its next limited-time mode is Disco Domination - which, in a flurry of discordant gesticulation, will apparently set players the task of capturing and defending dance floors around the island "using emotes to earn points".

The accompanying image displays a spirited crew of revellers gyrating enthusiastically around a disco ball on a stick, atop an illuminated dance floor - very similar to the one that, once upon a time, graced the warehouse next to Loot Lake.

That particular set-up required four players to emote dramatically, one in each corner of the dance floor, in order to raise a disco ball in the centre. I'm willing to speculate that Disco Domination will work in a similar fashion, requiring teams to thrust, pirouette, and llama bell long enough to raise the ball and claim that area as captured, all while other teams rain down hell fire (and just plain old gun fire) like the mother of all party poopers.

Speaking as someone who still hasn't tired of their Footloose-inspired Dance Therapy emote even after several hundred plays, this whole Disco Domination concept works just fine for me. It's likely the mode will arrive as part of this week's Fortnite update.

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