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Fortnite fans turn seismologists as map begins cracking up

Quake too.

Fissures are forming within Fortnite's map, as the battle royale phenomenon readies itself for another season-ending calamity.

Three cracks have appeared so far - tearing through the earth in real-time for anyone in-game at that particular point.

More are due roughly every 12 hours or so over the next two weeks, fans have discovered by peering into the game's files. The final quake will take place on the last day of the current season - 27th February - which will presumably lead into another big event.

The FNBR fansite now has a countdown clock set up so you can jump in-game and be there when the next quake occurs.

Fortnite has featured earthquakes for a few weeks now, but it's only since the latest update that cracks have begin to show.

In-game, this is all expected to be the work of the Ice King's escaped mysterious Prisoner, who has recently begun firing up his powers. Files found this week suggest something calamitous may occur in the game's Wailing Woods location, and once again demolish that poor building in Tilted Towers - one of the game's best running gags.

Oh, and the dragon eggs have been taken from under Polar Peak. Will we get to ride them next season?

Epic has dubbed these next couple of weeks as "Overtime" - and released a new set of challenges to tide players over until season eight arrives. Completing a portion of these challenges will grant Fortnite's season eight battle pass for free - an unprecedented move which may or may not be timed to coincide with the launch of rival battle royale Apex Legends.

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