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Final Fantasy 16 The Tricephalic Terror location

Including tips on how to beat this S Rank Hunt.

Image credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer

The Tricephalic Terror in Final Fantasy 16 is an S Rank Hunt also called Gorgimera, and as an S Rank, you have to work out where it's located on your own.

There are some clues to help narrow down the search, but these are fairly vague and can easily lead you astray, so we've detailed the The Tricephalic Terror location in Final Fantasy 16 below, and tips on how to beat Gorgimera.

For more help, we've got a page dedicated to all Hunt locations, Chronolith Trial locations, and how to get Ultima.

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Final Fantasy 16 The Tricephalic Terror location

The Tricephalic Terror is unlocked on the Hunt Board during the 'Across the Narrow' main quest.

Once you've unlocked it The Tricephalic Terror is located in the western area of The Velkroy Desert in the Dhalmekian Republic, which is north of The Dalimil Inn. You can either fast travel to The Velkroy Desert or The Dalimil Inn obelisks for the quickest routes to The Tricephalic Terror, as it's found in the middle of them.

Here's a map picture showing exactly where to find The Tricephalic Terror:

Gorgimera is the real name for The Tricephalic Terror.

Before taking on The Tricephalic Terror we recommend saving right before starting the fight so you can reload it from this position if you die, instead of respawning at a fast travel point.

We've got more tips for taking on The Tricephalic Terror below.

Tips on how to beat Gorgimera in Final Fantasy 16

The Tricephalic Terror, AKA Gorgimera, is a Level 45 S Rank Notorious Mark who uses lunging and AOE (Area of Effect) lightning and ice attacks. As long as you make liberal use of the dodge button and Clive is also leveled-up to the mid 40's, Gorgimera won't be as much of a challenge as other S Ranks, as it can't fly.

To finish the fight quicker, here's some tips on how to beat Gorgimera (The Tricephalic Terror) in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Stay close to Gorgimera during 'The Dragon's Voice' attack and fall back during 'The Ram's Voice' - This ensures you're in a better position for avoiding Gorgimera's two main attack types, but be ready to dodge a lot more in the second half of the fight when Gorgimera uses 'Delta Attack'.
  • Use Will-o'-the-Wykes if you need more protection - This fire ability creates a shield for Clive while harming enemies and is useful for some protection against Delta Attack in particular, as it's harder to dodge.
  • Garuda and Shiva abilities are best for stagger damage - Shiva's Diamond Dust is the best ability for lowering the stagger bar quickly, but Gouge and Aerial Blast are great substitutes, and we especially recommend pairing Diamond Dust with Gouge if you can.
  • Image credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer
  • Activate Clive's Limit Break, then unleash abilities when Gorgimera is fully staggered - This means you're causing even more damage with Clive's most powerful abilities. Start with the best ones, as the Limit Break gauge continues to lower even when in the ability animation, so you don't get much time. We like using Bahamut's Gigaflare and Phoenix's Rising Flames during this time.
  • You can equip abilities on other Eikons - If you like more than two of an Eikon's abilities, you can equip it on another Eikon as long as you've mastered the ability, so remember that...
  • Respecing is free - You can refund any of your Ability Points for free and put those points into mastering another ability if you think it will help you more in the Gorgimera fight.

The rewards for defeating Gorgimera (The Tricephalic Terror) are:

  • x1 Orichalcum
  • 15,000 EXP
  • 120 Ability Points
  • 50 Renown
  • 20,000 Gil

Good luck facing Gorgimera in Final Fantasy 16!

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