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How to get Ultima weapon in Final Fantasy 16

Blackthorne in my side.

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Ultima is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 16, but you have to complete the game once before you can even start the journey required to craft it.

Even then, it's not clear what you exactly need to make it, so we've detailed how to get the Ultima weapon in Final Fantasy 16 below, which includes how to get Gotterdammerung Reforged and how to get Everdark Reforged.

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If you haven't completed Final Fantasy 16 yet, please be aware of some minor spoilers below!

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How to get Ultima weapon in Final Fantasy 16

You need to complete the game at least once before you can get the Ultima weapon in Final Fantasy 16, as it's only available to craft in Final Fantasy Mode.

After completing the game, pick 'New Game +' from the main menu to find Final Fantasy Mode. All of your items, gear, and Eikon abilities carry over in Final Fantasy Mode, but the enemies are a lot harder. The description claims that Ultima will help you against these tougher enemies, but that's a bit misleading, as the weapon isn't available until near the end of the story.

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You actually get the blueprint to craft Ultima right at the beginning of the game, but you need to defeat Barnabas during 'The Last King' quest to get the final material required for crafting Ultima. This is right near the end of the game, so we recommend leaving the harder hunts and side quests until the end, so you can equip Ultima to make the fights easier.

When you first look at the Ultima weapon blueprints at Blackthorne's smithy you'll see two of the materials are unknown.

Image credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer

To craft the Ultima weapon in Final Fantasy 16 you need:

  • x1 Utterance of Creation
  • Gotterdammerung (Reforged)
  • Everdark (Reforged)

Utterance of Creation is already in your inventory, but the reforged versions of the Everdark and Gotterdammerung swords take a very long time to get.

How to get Gotterdammerung Reforged in Final Fantasy 16

You need to complete the 'Blacksmith's Blues IV' side quest to get the blueprint to craft Gotterdammerung (Reforged) in Final Fantasy 16. This requires completing the first three Blacksmith's Blues side quests first.

As long as you've completed the previous ones, here's when each Blacksmith's Blues quest becomes available in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Blacksmith's Blues - After starting the 'Here Be Monsters' main quest
  • Blacksmith's Blues II - After completing the 'Letting Off Steam III' part of the 'Out of the Shadow' main quest
  • Blacksmith's Blues III - After completing the 'Like Father, Like Daughter' part of the 'A Song of Hope' main quest
  • Blacksmith's Blues IV - After starting the 'Across the Narrow' main quest
Image credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer

How to get Everdark Reforged in Final Fantasy 16

To get Everdark (Reforged) you need to defeat all story bosses up to, and including, Odin. This is because you need the materials dropped by bosses during the story to make the six swords that come before Everdark. They're all part of the same crafting path, so you need Stormcry (Reforged) to make Flametongue (Reforged), which then makes Levinbolt (Reforged), and so on, until you get to Everdark (Reforged).

Image credit: Square Enix

In the same order you can make them, here's all of the swords you need to craft first to get Everdark (Reforged) in Final Fantasy 16

  • Stormcry (Reforged) - Defeat Garuda
  • Flametongue (Reforged) - Defeat Infernal Eikon
  • Levinbolt (Reforged) - Defeat Republican War Panther
  • Grindstone (Reforged) - Defeat Titan
  • Brightburn (Reforged) - Defeat Bahamut
  • Icebrand (Reforged) - Complete 'Through the Maelstrom' main quest

Once you have Icebrand (Reforged) and defeat Barnabas and Odin, you'll get the Flawless Dark Shard you need to craft Everdark (Reforged).

If you also have Gotterdammerung (Reforged) after crafting Everdark (Reforged), you can now finally get the Ultima weapon by crafting it at Blackthorne's smithy!

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