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Final Fantasy 16 Dozmare griffin location for Blacksmith's Blues quest

Including tips on how to beat this B Rank Hunt Mark.

Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16 is a B Rank Hunt, and is also the griffin you need to find as part of the 'Blacksmith's Blues' side quest.

Except S Rank, most Hunt locations can be narrowed down by reading its location details from the board, but Dozmare's description is actually very misleading. So we've got the Dozmare griffin location in Final Fantasy 16 below, along with some tips on how to beat Dozmare when you do find it.

For more help, we've got a page dedicated to all Hunt locations.

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Final Fantasy 16 Dozmare griffin location for Blacksmith's Blues

Although the description on the board says it is in Caer Norvent West Gate, there is no such place marked on the Sanbreque map. Apart from this, it's described as being somewhere between Lostwing and Caer Norvent.

To save you a lot of time searching, the Dozmare griffin is located in the southeastern corner of Norvent Valley, which you can get to by following the southern route out of Lostwing village. Go to the very end of this path to trigger the griffin to swoop down and start the fight.

Here's a map picture of exactly where to find Dozmare:

We've also got some tips for taking on Dozmare below.

Tips on how to beat Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16

Dozamre is a Level 28 B Rank Notorious Mark who uses speedy lunges from the ground and sky to attack Clive. It's not too hard of a battle as long as you build Clive with the right abilities and gear, but Dozmare's speed can be a problem if you're not careful.

Here's some tips on how to beat Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Equip the Berserker Ring - The Berserker Ring takes advantage of the amount of dodging you have to do during the Domare fight, as it gives Clive a small window of increased damage after performing a Precision Dodge.
  • Use Garuda abilities - Garuda abilities like Aerial Blast and Gouge are some of the best for lowering stagger bars in Final Fantasy 16. Of the two, Aerial Blast is the easiest to use as it tracks an enemy, meaning you're less likely to get hit. Use Gouge after performing a Deadly Takedown to ensure you don't get hit using it.
  • Use Limit Break when Dozmare is downed - As Dozmare is almost always on the move, it's best to save Clive's Limit Break for when the griffin is fully staggered, as they are stationary and can't attack you.
  • Keep your distance when abilities are recharging - Unless you have abilities to use up, stay away from Dozmare and fire your magic to chip away at its stagger bar. It's easier to dodge Dozmare's lunge attacks from further away, but once you have a helpful ability recharged, close the distance again.
  • Respecing is free - Remember, you can refund any of your Ability Points for free and put those points into mastering another ability if you think it will help you more in the Dozmare fight. Then, you can switch back to your favourites after beating the griffin.

The rewards for defeating Dozmare are:

  • x1 Scarletite
  • x1 Meteorite
  • 650 EXP
  • 55 Ability Points
  • 20 Renown
  • 8,500 Gil

Good luck facing Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16!

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