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How to increase inventory size in Final Fantasy 16

In the name of weird science.

Hoarding potions is a thing of the past in Final Fantasy 16 as Clive has an inventory pouch that can only carry a limited supply of consumable items, such as healing potions or strength and defence-buffing tonics, while surplus potions are automatically consumed.

To start with, you can carry a maximum of four potions, three high potions, two strength tonics and two stoneskin tonics in Final Fantasy 16.

While you’ll generally be able to pick up consumables during quests and action stages, it nonetheless helps to be able to carry a few more with you when facing a particularly tough boss.

Fortunately, it’s possible to expand Clive’s inventory size by completing an optional quest called Weird Science, and then a further quest called Even Weirder Science. This guide will explain how to start these quests and how to complete them.

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How to start Weird Science in Final Fantasy 16

To start Weird Science in Final Fantasy 16, you first need to have reached the main scenario quest called 'Out of the Shadow'. This will be after you’ve met a character at the Hideaway called Mid and added a new area beneath the Atrium to the west of the map called Mid’s Dungeon.

You’ll notice a quest marker with a plus symbol in Mid’s Dungeon. Head over and down the stairs to Mid’s Dungeon and you’ll find a character called Owain, Engineer who’s the quest giver for Weird Science.

He’ll explain that he’s working on a new invention but requires bomb ash. This material can only be gathered by slaying a Bomb King, an enemy Final Fantasy fans ought to be familiar with. Accepting the quest will result in this rare enemy appearing as a bill on the hunt board, giving you the information you need regarding its whereabouts.

It’s time to go hunting!

How to find and defeat Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

Bomb King is a Level 33 enemy and B-rank hunt, so you should be fairly matched at this point in the story if you’ve also been taking on other hunts and quests.

It can be found in an enclosed area known as The Crock in Sanbreque. The nearest fast travel location is The Dragon’s Aery. From there, summon your chocobo and ride south then follow a narrow path south-east. Before you reach the end of this path, there is an even narrower path to the left, which will take you to the Crock where Bomb King awaits.

Bomb King doesn’t seem too formidable, appearing smaller than in past appearances and also lacking a will gauge like similar foes on the hunt board. Yet, it does move around quite quickly and naturally likes to deal out fire-based attacks. The abilities to watch out for are Coronation, where it charges up with a fiery aura before spewing a huge fireball at you, and Witan, where it charges up and then does an AOE ground pound.

These can be dodged so you can easily follow up a precision dodge with a counter to get in close to deal melee strikes and any powerful Eikon abilities such as Titan’s Windup. Remember, there’s no will gauge to take down, so just focus on using whatever deals the most damage.

Where it gets a bit tricky is when Bomb King starts summoning bomb minions with a move called King’s Justice. These enemies will also spew flames at you, which you’ll want to dodge. As you take down Bomb King’s health, it’ll keep summoning more bombs with this move.

The best thing to do is save Eikon abilities that deal big AOE damage, such as Titan’s Earthern Fury or Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth, for these moments so that you can take care of these bombs quickly.

Defeating Bomb King will earn you 1,000 XP, 65 ability points, 9,000 Gil, and 20 renown points. You’ll also obtain Bomb Ember, an important crafting material if you’re looking to craft Excalibur.

But back to the current quest, you’re after bomb ash. Fortunately, Bomb King will have left behind this material, so you just need to collect three of these after the fight.

How to complete Weird Science and rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Once you’ve gathered the bomb ash, return to the Hideaway, speak to Owain again and hand over the bomb ash when prompted. With this material, he’s now able to build his new invention, the Telamon alembic.

The gist of it is that this contraption can create new compounds, and, so by way of thanks, Owain produces a mysterious compound that, when applied to Clive’s potion bag, increases its elasticity. Weird science, dubious science? In any case, this now means Clive can carry more consumables with him than before.

With this treated potion satchel, you can now carry a maximum of six potions, four high potions, three strength tonics, and three stoneskin tonics. In addition, you’ll earn one black blood, 900 XP, and 40 renown points.

How to start Even Weirder Science in Final Fantasy 16

If you’ve completed Weird Science, then you’ll also be able to follow this up with one further quest to maximise your inventory capacity. This will be once you’re much further in the story and have unlocked the main scenario quest 'Across the Narrow'.

Again, the quest comes from Owain down in Mid’s Dungeon so speak to him again to find he’s got another new invention, but this time needs you to obtain spherical echoes. This won’t require a tough hunt like the previous quest, but will require you to trek between three Fallen ruins in Valisthea.

These ruins are:

  • Lostplume located in Rosaria, with the closest fast-travel point being the Auldhyl Docks
  • Advent located in Sanbreque, southwest from Northreach
  • Silent Slough in the Dhalmekian Republic, south of the Krozjit Echoes

The areas you need to reach are also roughly highlighted in green on the field maps so, knowing where you need to go, is pretty straightforward.

How to complete Even Weirder Science and rewards in Final Fantasy 16

In each of the above locations you have to collect a spherical echo, but you can’t do this until you’ve taken care of the sentinel enemies patrolling the ruins. These enemies are Level 36-38, which you should be well matched against at this point in the story. Just dish out your Eikon abilities and you’ll breeze through these encounters without breaking a sweat.

Once you’ve retrieved spherical echoes from each of the three locations, return to Owain at the Hideaway and hand over the materials, which he’ll use to build the Telamon furnace.

Using this new invention, Owain is able to replace the clasp of Clive’s potion satchel with an unusually elastic metal, which somehow means you can carry even more consumables.

The expanded potion satchel increases your maximum inventory capacity to eight potions, five high potions, four strength tonics, and three stoneskin tonics. The quest also awards you one goblin coin, 4,800 XP, and 50 renown points.

Congratulations on maximising your inventory capacity, which should serve you well against Final Fantasy 16’s challenges!

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