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Fallout Monopoly is real, official and it's coming out soon


There's a Fallout Monopoly set in the works.

The official Fallout Twitter account confirmed the news after word of the set emerged from the GameStop Expo in the US.

The fan-made Fallout: New Vegas Monopoly board.

Apparently it's due out in November, no doubt to coincide with the launch of Fallout 4, and is made by USAopoly, creator of Monopoly sets based on Halo, Pokemon, Mass Effect and The Legend of Zelda.

Recently a fan-made Fallout: New Vegas-themed Monopoly board caught the attention of Eurogamer YouTube supremo Ian Higton, who covered it an episode of Fallout Friday, below. Old Kent Road was replaced by Camp Searchlight, while Mayfair and Park Lane became The Strip and Hoover Dam, respectively.

This official Fallout Monopoly board, though, will likely represent the series as a whole, rather than one game. Any ideas? I'll start. Bottle caps for Monopoly money.

Go nuts.

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