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Fall Guys Lost Helmet locations

Blaster Chief.

You need to find Lost Helmets in Fall Guys as part of the Spartan Showdown limited-time event to earn a free Halo skin and other rewards.

Similar to previous Fall Guys events that featured collectibles, you need to find these Lost Helmets while playing the special Spartan Showdown mode to earn those free rewards while you can.

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Lost Helmet locations:

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Fall Guys Lost Helmet locations explained

To complete all of the Spartan Showdown challenges during the event and unlock free Halo-themed rewards, you're going to need to collect all of the Lost Helmets found in Dizzy Heights, Tip Toe, Gate Crash, Big Shots, and Thin Ice.

These collectibles can only be found while playing the Spartan Showdown mode. You have no control over what round comes up next, so you'll just have to keep playing and eventually you'll get to play every minigame that has a Lost Helmet in it.

Make sure you're playing in Spartan Showdown to find the Lost Helmets.

While playing these rounds, you're looking out for a floating pink Spartan helmet. One will always spawn in these specific minigames during Spartan Showdown, even if you've collected it before.

Just walk, jump, or dive into the Lost Helmet when you spot it to complete the challenge and earn points toward the free Halo rewards.

Fall Guys Dizzy Heights Lost Helmet location

To collect the Dizzy Heights Lost Helmet in Fall Guys, you'll need to reach the middle of the spinning platforms in the upper level of the course. The helmet is in the middle of this spinning, circular platform.

You can find the Dizzy Height Lost Helmet in the middle of the top rotating platforms.

If you fall to the bottom section, make your way back up to the top and try again until you've added the helmet to your collection.

Fall Guys Tip Toe Lost Helmet location

To find and collect the Tip Toe Lost Helmet in Fall Guys, you'll have to fall through the sixth platform at the beginning of the level. It might also be possible to fall from a surrounding platform and dive into the helmet.

Fall under the sixth starting platform to find the Tip Toe Lost Helmet.

As what platforms disappear after standing on them change every time Tip Toe is played, it's possible that you won't be able to get this Lost Helmet straight away. As mentioned, you can try diving after falling from other positions around the helemt, but it's probably easier to just try for the helmet each time Tip Toe is started.

Fall Guys Gate Crash Lost Helmet location

Although the Gate Crash Lost Helmet in Spartan Showdown is fairly easy to spot, it can be tricky to collect while trying to qualify. To get the Lost Helmet, you'll need to jump toward the middle door at the end of the level, just before the finish line.

Jump toward the middle door before the finish line to collect the Gate Crash Lost Helmet.

Aim for the middle door every time and jump toward the pink helmet at the end of the slide to add it to your collection. If you fall, you'll respawn at the top of the slide and can try again.

Fall Guys Big Shots Lost Helmet location

To qualify from Big Shots, you'll need to avoid the projectiles while balancing on a see-saw. Right at the start of the round, start jumping in the middle of the platform to get the Lost Spartan Helmet.

The Big Shots Lost Helmet is in the middle of the see-saw.

If that's not working, wait until the platform dips to one side, climb up it, and then jump and dive into the helmet to collect it.

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Fall Guys Thin Ice Lost Helmet location

To find the Thin Ice Lost Helmet in Fall Guys, go to the very middle of the fragile platforms and stand there until the ice is broken enough to reveal the pink helmet.

Head to the middle of Thin Ice to locate the Lost Helmet.

Be careful while trying to get this Lost Helmet, as you'll fall into the slime and get eliminated if all of the layers of ice disappear below you.

Have fun playing Spartan Showdown in Fall Guys!

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