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Epic Games Store has given away £1700+ of free games so far

An Epic deal.

Epic Games Store has given away more than $2,000/£1700 worth of free games to individual players since it launched back in December 2018.

As calculated by PCGN, Epic's pledge to give away free games every few weeks has seen early adopters' libraries swell with thousands of dollars worth of free games.

By totting up the regular sale prices of each of the 108 free games that Epic has given away since launch, it's thought the savings equate to $2140.94 - that's the equivalent of around £1768.

In related news, as Emma recently reported, after rumours and a rogue advert, GTA 5 is now finally available to claim for free on the Epic Games Store. Or it would be if the launcher and website hadn't buckled under demand.

The Epic Games Store encountered similar launcher problems back in October last year, when Fortnite exploded its island in a spectacular season finale. More recently, Fortnite hosted its most popular event ever with 12.3m people tuning in to view Travis Scott - without any problems, that time. All of which gives you an idea of the level of strain giving away GTA 5 is currently putting on the system - especially as it was recently pulled from the Xbox Game Pass.

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