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Looks like GTA 5 will be free on the Epic Games Store

For less than a Fortnite.

Having recently retired from its spot on Xbox Game Pass, it seems GTA 5 will next pop up on the Epic Games Store - and for free, as part of the platform's games giveaway programme.

Rumours about a GTA 5 freebie began circulating yesterday evening, but earlier today an advert was posted by the Epic account which said GTA 5 would be free to claim until 21st May. The original tweet has been deleted, indicating it was posted a little ahead of schedule, but you can view a copy of the video below thanks to Wario64.

Epic recently introduced a requirement for new users to enable two-factor authentication before being able to claim free games - for a trial period which, conveniently, also ends on 21st May. While Epic said this was to encourage players to protect their accounts, another reason could be to discourage nefarious individuals from creating accounts to claim free games, and then selling the accounts on at a later point (once those games are no longer claimable). Given GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in the world - and still costs £24.99 on the Rockstar Store - now seems like a good time to get that measure in place.

Meanwhile, dataminers have found evidence that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could be coming to the Epic Games Store in future. A reddit user posted a screenshot of the game on the Epic Games Store, which has since been removed, although the store page url is still a bit of a giveaway. Whether the game will also be a giveaway is still a mystery, but given GTA 5 is going for free, it's within the realm of possibility.