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Elden Ring speedrun record beaten once again, now under 25 minutes

Despite recent rebalance patch.

The speedrun record for completing Elden Ring has once again been beaten.

As reported by DualShockers, speedrunner and streamer Hazeblade has now finished the game in under 25 minutes, beating the previous record of 29 minutes by Distortion2.

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Hazeblade has used a glitch called zipping or wrong warping that allows players to teleport across the map and skip large parts of the game.

Interestingly, he doesn't choose the Samurai class at the start like other speedrunners have (he goes with Warrior instead), but he does still pick up the Icerind Hatchet weapon that's proven popular for its freezing ability.

Check out a video of Hazeblade's run below.

What's also notable is that Hazeblade is still playing the game on Patch 1.02 by not updating the game, in order to use old exploits. A recent patch from FromSoftware rebalanced the game, which many suspected would require new speedrunning strategies.

As speedrunner LilAggy told Eurogamer: "On the bright side, pretty much all of the glitches we have been using to skip through the game are still working, so it's really just a matter of figuring out what the best thing to defeat the bosses with is now."

Official speedrun leaderboards for Elden Ring opened today, so Hazeblade is now officially the fastest Elden Ring player.

How long until it's beaten again?

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