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Elden Ring manga turns the game into a farce

"I've still got the spear wounds on my butt."

A new Elden Ring manga reimagines the game as a comedy.

Or maybe your playthrough was a comedy all along? There's certainly a farcical element to all the constant dying.

The manga comes courtesy of Kadokawa - FromSoftware's parent company and a huge publisher of manga.

Elden Ring Lore: Godwyn The Golden

The first two issues can be read for free on comic-walker.com.

Nikiichi Tobita is responsible for the artwork, known for creating the manga A Cursed Sword's Daily Life.

"Aseo, a poor, Tarnished wretch, finds himself cast out into Limgrave - naked, penniless, hopeless, and maidenless. His only hope in his harsh, unforgiving new home is a mysterious woman named Melina," reads a synopsis of the manga.

It promises to include a "cast of colourful characters" including Patches, Blaidd, Margit, Godrick and Ranni the Witch.

"With little but a loincloth between Aseo and certain death, he strikes out for the first stop on his quest: Stormveil Castle. Will he make it there, or will his journey end before it even begins?"

For some players, the journey really did end before Stormveil Castle if they bounced off the game for its high difficulty.

But this manga plays on that, with a hopeless and clueless hero struggling to get to grips with the dark fantasy world.

It opens with Aseo showing Malenia his butt to prove the repeated stab wounds he's received. That should sum up the humour of this adaptation.

Excerpt from the Elden Ring manga
Seems legit.

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