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Elden Ring Fire Giant tips and strategy

How to defeat the Mountaintops of the Giants main story boss.

Fire Giant is a mandatory main boss you'll need to beat to progress the story of Elden Ring.

The gigantic Fire Giant boss can be located in the eastern region of the Mountaintops of the Giants location in Elden Ring.

The fight against the Fire Giant can be a tough slog, so we'd advise using some co-operation for the tough fight ahead, or even a a spirit ash summon to help you on your way to slaying the boss.

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How to prepare for Fire Giant

Preparing for the Fire Giant boss fight is a pretty simple process. You'll firstly want to make sure you've taken every protective measure against Fire damage possible, for example equipping the Flamedrake Talisman in your Talisman slots.

You'll also want to make sure you've got a hefty melee weapon on hand, something like the Bloodhound's Fang works great for big swings and damage that builds up over time.

Fire Giant tips: How to beat Fire Giant

The Fire Giant fight is all about timing your dodge rolls to perfection. Take the opening salvo, for example. The Fire Giant will commonly use its massive disc to send a tidal wave of snow towards you, but if you dodge roll forward into the attack right as the Fire Giant brings its shield forward, you'll avoid the attack entirely.

Lock onto the Fire Giant's left foot when you get in close, and whack it with a strong melee weapon whenever you get the chance. The Fire Giant will commonly raise its leg up, only to bring it and the shield crashing down to the ground a second later.

Initiate a dodge roll as soon as the leg comes down, and you'll again avoid the attack.

This fight is basically all about hacking away at the Fire Giant's leg whenever possible. When you've dealt enough damage, the boss will groan in agony and roll away from you, opening up its own stomach to draw fire from. Now then boss can throw orbs of fire at you!

The trick here is that if the Fire Giant's palm is facing upwards when it casts a fiery spell, it'll send a slow homing fire orb towards you, but if its palm is pointed down, a rapid fire spear will come dashing out towards you.

At half health, one hell of a transformation takes place, and the Fire Giant grows a brand new face (do the stomach face and the regular face have differing opinions on things?).

If the Fire Giant fall to its knees with both its faces raised to the sky, get underneath it immediately, as it's about to send balls of fire spewing onto the battlefield around it.

Alternatively, the boss can breathe fire from its stomach either in a crouched position, or on its side.

You want to immediately sprint away from the boss whenever this happens, as circling round to the side of the Fire Giant actually won't take you outside of its range. The fight against the Fire Giant is one hell of a battle of attrition.

Former Fire Giant cheese method

UPDATE (March 24th, 2022): Following the March 2022 patch, it appears the following cheese strategy no longer works. However, we are keeping this here on the off chance you are playing an unpatched version - say if you have the game on a disc and have yet to update.

ORIGINAL CHEESE STRATEGY: If you were searching for a way to cheese the Fire Giant, we've got great news. There's actually a way to technically make the boss kill itself, through a little trickery with fall damage.

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Firstly, head to the back right corner of the arena atop Torrent, where the ground is higher than anywhere else on the battlefield. You'll notice that there's a rocky platform jutting out above the ground you're stood on.

When the Fire Giant gets within arms reach of you, jump off the arena around the rocky platform, going clockwise around it, and jump again using Torrent's double jump feature to land on the ground directly ahead of you and beneath you.

Then, just run a few meters away near the edge of the arena, and you'll find a small rocky outcrop you can crouch to hide behind.

The Fire Giant will eventually clamber atop the platform you were previously next to, and then jump down towards you. Only when the boss lands, it'll take a metric tonne of damage, kicking it into phase two of the fight.

You can actually do this all over again, exactly as you did it before, to kill the Fire Giant for good in phase two. Just repeat the entire process, and you'll be through this boss fight in no time at all.

Elden Ring

Fire Giant reward

When you finally fell the Fire Giant, you'll be rewarded with a massive 180,000 Runes for the fight. Additionally, you'll get the Remembrance of the Fire Giant item, which you can exchange at the Roundtable Hold for a spell or weapon.

Well, this certainly was one slog, even if you are trying to cheese the Fire Giant into killing itself. Now it's time to continue the main story path of Elden Ring, and proceed to a brand new area.

Next up on the list of main bosses in order - assuming you are following the critical path - is Godskin Duo.